Mother's Day Memorial Day Asparagus Day

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115th day and 17th week in 2024

Zodiac: Taurus (4/21 - 5/21) ♉
Chinese year: dragon

Day Events

World Immunization Week

World Immunization Week is a dedicated time to recognize the vital role of vaccinations in safeguarding global health. Delve into the world of immunization, where science becomes a shield against preventable diseases. This week-long event focuses on raising awareness, sharing knowledge, and emphasizing the collective responsibility to ensure everyone has access to life-saving vaccines. Join in the conversation about the power of immunization to build resilient communities and protect the well-being of generations to come.

International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace

The International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace is a moment to reflect on the importance of collaboration in our interconnected world. Explore the dynamics of diplomacy and the pursuit of peace through collective efforts. This event highlights the significance of multilateralism in addressing global challenges, fostering understanding, and promoting cooperation among nations. Join the discourse on the role of diplomacy as a cornerstone for building a peaceful and inclusive world that transcends borders and embraces diversity.

Day Information

This day will be in 1 day, today is 22 Apr 2024.

Moon: waning, moon phase is full moon, age 15.8 days, new moon May 7, full moon April 23.

Date ISO 8601 format: 2024-04-24T04:17:04-07:00

UTC date and time: 2024-04-24 11:17:04

Unix time: 1713957424

Sun information in Los Angeles

Sunrise: 06:08 AM

Sunset: 07:33 PM

At zenith: 12:50 PM

Length of day: 13h 24m