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77th day and 11th week in 2024

Zodiac: Pisces (2/20 - 3/20) ♓
Chinese year: dragon

Day Events

State Holiday Evacuation Day (Massachusetts)

Evacuation Day is observed in various contexts around the world to commemorate significant moments of liberation or evacuation. It often marks the day when a city or region was liberated from occupation or the day when citizens were evacuated during times of conflict or crisis. The events associated with Evacuation Day vary based on historical occurrences, but common themes include honoring the resilience of communities, remembering the sacrifices made during challenging times, and celebrating the freedom and safety that followed the evacuation or liberation.

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday that has become a global celebration of Irish culture and heritage. It honors Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who is credited with bringing Christianity to the island. This festive holiday is marked by various traditions, including wearing green clothing and accessories, parades, Irish music and dance performances, and enjoying traditional Irish food and beverages, such as corned beef and cabbage, and the famous Irish stout, Guinness.

Day Information

This day was 65 days ago, today is 5/21/2024.

Moon: waxing, moon phase is first quarter, age 7.8 days, new moon April 8, full moon March 25.

Date ISO 8601 format: 2024-03-17T06:42:59-07:00

UTC date and time: 2024-03-17 13:42:59

Unix time: 1710682979

Sun information in Los Angeles

Sunrise: 6:58 AM

Sunset: 7:03 PM

At zenith: 1:01 PM

Length of day: 12h 5m